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Discover the benefits of using Core Inspection for your business

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For Managers / Owners

Industry leading inspection system

Core fundamentally solves the time consuming tasks of creating certificates and updating registers. 


Your staff can spend more visible time on site rather than in the office creating documentation.


  • Typically a 40 - 60 % time saving in documentation

  • Reduce the time to invoice, reduce WIP, drastically improve your cashflow

  • Standardise your inspection process, certificates and registers.  Ensure your staff are performing what is required of them.

  • Produce professional reports that adhere to standards and impress your clients

  • Improve the safety of your team by ensuring a risk assessment is performed prior to any examinations

  • Provide your technicans with a standard checklist, references to standards and references to recall notices

  • Increase your inspections with greater visibility of coming due dates

  • Analyse your capacity against utilisation

  • Provide your customers with an online register so they can obtain certificates and registers without consuming your staff's valuable time.

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For Technicans

Enable your technicians to work quickly without paperwork

Perform more inspections quickly with a mobile fully offline device

  • View all items at a client, add new items, move items, copy items, share jobs.

  • Inspect multiple items at once

  • Archive items to keep the register clean

  • Perform inspections without an internet connection

  • RFID/Barcode/QR support

  • Mandatory safety documents (JSEA/SWMS)

  • Fully customised inspections

  • Take customer signatures on site 

  • Record timesheets 

  • Access equipment specifications

  • Attach photos/documents

For Administrators

Take effort away from your basic tasks 

Use Core to automate scheduling, send reports to clients and capture billing.

  • Intelligent scheduling system

  • Standardise your certificates and reports 

  • Automatically schedule and email customers upcoming jobs at configurable intervals

  • Plan your resources easily from online portal

  • Automatically manage any restrictive competencies 

  • Cross branch/job sharing

  • Integrate to your ERP/Accounting system with our API / Zapier plugin 

Clients Due December 2022

Acme Inc

Sydney Site

400 Items More Details

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Acme Inc

Brisbane Site

213 Items More Details

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Contoso Ltd

Sydney Site

190 Items More Details

Email Sent


Company X

Sydney Site

47 Items More Details

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For customers

Provide a next level experience for your customers.

Provide online access to history and certificates to customers from anywhere.

  • Provide customers with an online equipment register with a simple to use branded portal

  • Easy to search portal allows users to download and store certificates

  • Give customers access to 1 or many sites

  • Allow or deny customers the ability to move assets, add attachments, archive items.

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